Where the Boys Are #8

Charles Boyer (1934)

A Who's Who of Swinging London #15

John Stephen

Glamour Jungle! #12

The Art of Cinema #281

Flame and the Flesh
(Richard Brooks; 1954)

When Legends Gather #353

Bert Lahr, Herbert Marshall, Robert Benchley, David Niven and Dave Chasen

They Were Collaborators #428

Frank Capra and James Stewart

Artists in Action #325

The Walker Brothers peer over the edge

The Art of Pop #15

Les Baxter's Teen Drums
(Capitol Records; 1960)

Ancient Voices #23

Blind Willie Johnson

The Art of Jazz #51

Street of Dreams
(Grant Green)
(Blue Note Records; 1964)

Artists in Action #324

Lenny Bruce hightails it after knocking down a Television cameraman

The Cool Hall of Fame #112

James Baldwin

The Art of the Piano #15

Operatic Rag
(by Julius Lenzberg)
(Jerome H. Remick & Co.; 1914)

Sex Education #96

Gloria Grahame

The Art of Cinema #280

Party Girl
(Nicholas Ray; 1958)

Artists in Action #323

Billy Gilbert prepares to sneeze

American Dry Spell #12

A plane carrying spiritous liquors crashes on a farm near Crotonville, New York (1922)

Seminal Image #777

The Bespoke Overcoat
(Jack Clayton; 1956)

An Illustrated History of American Labor #4

Marie Dressler and New York chorus girls protest the inequities of Actors Equity (1919)

The Cool Hall of Fame #111

Jim Thompson

Annals of Crime #6

Original Caption:

Ends Shooting Spree.

Allison, Iowa -- Ronnie Loughlin, 15-year-old altar boy, sits handcuffed after surrendering to police at Allison on Sept. 4th. The youth had killed one woman in a shooting spree, and kidnaped a second whom he held hostage during a 5-hour ride through South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. "I just went berserk, I guess," he told authorities. (1955)

The Heretofore Unmentioned #3

Fred Otash (Private-Eye to the Stars)

They Were Collaborators #426

Rita Webb and Sidney Poitier

Artists in Action #322

Errol Flynn tries to remember if he really did that

The Art of Cinema #279

Scared Stiff
(George Marshall; 1953)

The Art of Songwriting #18

Her Beaus Are Only Rainbows
Music: George W. Meyer
Lyrics: Alfred Bryan
(Henry Waterson Inc.; 1926)

Artists in Action #321

Lou Costello checks out Lupe Velez's fuzzy bunny.

They Were Collaborators #425

Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson.

The Cool Hall of Fame #110

Otis Redding's gotta gotta gotta gotta...

The Art of Cinema #278

It's Always Fair Weather
(Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen; 1955)

When Legends Gather #351

Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey and William Faulkner discuss the efficacy of corncobs

This Week's Weegee #36

Men of the West #17

Roy Rogers

The Art of Crime Fiction #11

The Asphalt Jungle
(by W.R. Burnett)
(Alfred Knopf; 1949)

Ziegfeld Girls #8

Mary Eaton

They Were Collaborators #424

Doris Day and Rock Hudson

When Legends Gather #350

Simone Signoret, Harry Belafonte, Yves Montand and Martin Luther King Jr.

Bobby Fischer dead at 64

Bobby Fischer, here seen arriving in Reykjavik in Iceland on 5th July 1972 for the world championship match against Boris Spassky.
Read The Guardian's obituary here.

The Cool Hall of Fame #109

Steve McQueen photographed in London; 1969.