The Art of the Stage #1

Black Crook
(Kiralfy Bros.; 1879)

Artists and Animals #8

Alfred Hitchcock gives direction to his terrier Sarah.

When Legends Gather #428

Liz Taylor drops by the set of Where Eagles Dare to hang out with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood.

The Friends of Milt Hinton #15

Coleman Hawkins bides his time in a New York City TV studio in 1957.

P is for Pulp #23

(Jan. 1953)

Vaudevillians #1

The Dolly Sisters

The Heretofore Unmentioned #23

Don Gibson

They Were Collaborators #489

The Sagebrush Symphony

The City: Reno #2

Original Caption:

At Air Force "Escape And Survival" School

Reno -- The controversial "Escape And Survival" School operated by the U. S. Air Force at Stead Air Force Base near Reno, was opened to the press yesterday, and here is one of the realistic tableaux observed. The men with their hands on their heads are "prisoners" being herded by "enemy" captors into a compound under the menacing guns of a tank. The school teaches air Force men in a 17 day course how to take care of themselves if captured, ways and means of escape and methods of survival in enemy-held territory. It also teaches how to resist "brainwashing" techniques of their captors. (1955)

Seminal Image #848

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
(Karel Reisz; 1961)

Artists in Action #397

Robert Mitchum encouters another generation of admirers

Fun at Bohemian Grove #31

Two Bohemians play Chess (1900)

Politicians in Action #22

Sen. Stuart Symington (D-MO) demonstrates that he can tell left from right

E.O. Hoppé's Greatest Hits #2

Boiler Shop at Vickers Armstrong Factory (1928)

When Legends Gather #424

Ernest Hemingway and Frank Capra

Before and After #139: Eldridge Cleaver



Great Madmen of the 20th Century #31

Keith Moon

Seminal Image #843

Across the Pacific
(John Huston; 1942)

Adventures in the Fight Racket #21

Original Caption:

Titleless But not Undecorated.

New York -- Arturo Godoy, the Chilean challenger, walks to his dressing room after a futile fight to lift Joe Louis' heavyweight title. Arturo weathered almost seven rounds at Yankee Stadium without much damage; using the same crouch and cling tactics which carried him through 15 rounds of his first fight with the Brown Bomber. But Joe caught him right as the seventh round was ending. Arturo dropped. From then on it was a question of time, and not much time either. Arturo was dropped twice in the next round and referee Billy Cavanaugh stopped the bout to award Joe Louis technical knockout victory in one minute 24 seconds of the eighth round. Arturo may not have a title-but he is not entirely undecorated-notice his battered face. (1940)

Artists in Action #396

Harold Robbins presents Irving Wallace with his very own Torah

Seminal Image #842

Il Grido
(The Cry)
(Michelangelo Antonioni; 1957)

When Legends Gather #423

Lauren Bacall, David O. Selznick and David Niven