They Were Collaborators #691

The Peters Sisters

Orpheus in Action #23

Orpheus hangs out with a Poet

Adventures in the Fight Racket #43

Original Caption:

"Santa" Pays New Year's Visit to Bowery.

New York -- Former fighter Joe Bonavito, Brooklyn saloon keeper who gave away $1500 on the Bowery on Christmas Day, returned with $3500 in New Year's presents on December 31st. No longer skeptical, Bowery bums mobbed the self-styled Santa Claus, attracting the attention of police, who took Bonavito into custody. Bonavito is shown as he passed out some of his crisp, new bills to Bowery habituees. (1946)

The Art of Cinema #467

(William A. Seiter; 1933)

In the Studio #70

Aretha Franklin

Adventures in American Filmmaking #143

Today's Adventure: On the set of Angel director Ernst Lubitsch attempts to show Herbert Marshall (back to camera) how he should hug his costar, Marlene Dietrich (1937)

Artists and Animals #71

Linda Hayden and poodle

Signs and Meaning in Cinema #49

Belle de jour (1967)
Signs: Belle de Jour
(Luis Buñuel; 1967)

They Were an Item #117

Claire Bloom and Rod Steiger

Welcome to Show Business! #41

Original Caption:

Nice Sight.

Hollywood -- You'll be seeing quite a bit of Janet Leigh in Columbia's forthcoming motion picture, Bye Bye, Birdie. Not only is she one of the stars, but she sports an eye-catching wardrobe that includes this short shortie nightie. All of which goes to prove that nothing else need be said. This is the type of picture to be worth the 10,000 words. (1963)

Politicians in Action #55

Bobby Kennedy and Willy Brandt
Bobby Kennedy and Willy Brandt visit the Berlin Wall in 1962.

The Future is Now #37

Checkout of the future
Original caption:

4/26/1955-Washington, DC- An advance look at the world of tomorrow, which American industry expects to help create, is contained in "People, Products and Progress: 1975," a slide film feature prepared by leading U.S. trade associations. When milady goes food shopping in 1975, there'll be no lengthy waiting at a check-out counter. The improvement, pictured here, will be an automatic computer that will price all the items as they pass under an electronic eye.

Marilyn in Action #51

Marilyn honeymoons.

A Kovacs Moment #5

Two-thirds of the Nairobi Trio

Artifacts #23

Original Nairobi Trio masks

When Legends Gather #624

Judy Garland welcomes Leslie Caron and Elizabeth Taylor to the set of A Star Is Born.

The Frame Within the Frame #33

The Bride Wore Black
(Francois Truffaut; 1968)

David F. Friedman dies at 87

It's still too early for a proper obit, but reliable sources say exploitation movie mogul and First Amendment champion David F. Friedman has passed away, leaving behind a legacy that includes producing the early films of Herschell Gordon Lewis and helping to lay the foundation for the grindhouse cinema circuit with titles like She Freak, Thar She Blows and The Head Mistress as well as his own Pussycat Theatres chain.

I hope they let him smoke his Havana cigars in the big balcony upstairs.

Artists in Action #631

Who needs Cupid when you've got Carole Lombard taking aim?

Adventures in the Fight Racket #44

California State Athletic Commission referee Abe Roth spars with Barbara Stanwyck, amusing her Golden Boy co-star William Holden.

Adventures in the Vast Wasteland #31

Shirley MacLaine and Dick Foran flank director Ralph Levy on the set of Shower of Stars, a 1954 Desilu production for CBS.

The Frame Within the Frame #32

Jailhouse Rock
(Richard Thorpe; 1957)

They Were Collaborators #690

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope prepare for spring training.

Artists in Action #630

Ingmar Bergman gazes into the jaws of Hollywood's future.

Seminal Images #1022

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
(Kurt Neumann; 1946)

Artifacts #22

James Dean's switchblade

Jesters of the Republic #50

Fanny Brice

A Kovacs Moment #4

Ernie gets spooky.

This Sporting Life #29

Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Julius Boros
Golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Julius Boros flank the guy who makes the lemonade/iced tea combo, Arnold Palmer. It seems he played golf too, and quite well.

Treading the Boards #36

John Cullum, Madeline Kahn and cast are all aboard On the Twentieth Century, 1978.

The Frame Within the Frame #31

Ankokugai no bijo
(Underworld Beauty)
(Seijun Suzuki; 1958)

Great Moments in Marketing #37

Bobby Sherman wants to sell you his "Love Beads" (1972)

The Gunslinger Guide to Julie Christie #35


Home Is Where The Heart Is #12

Steve McQueen's Living Room (California, 1963)

Great Moments in Marketing #36

Robert Cummings for Jeris Hair Tonic (1949)

Artists and Animals #70

Claudia Cardinale and her Siamese kitten

Adventures in American Filmmaking #142

Today's Adventure: Director Berry Gordy chats with his film crew on the set of Mahogany, while a pensive Diana Ross looks on (1975)

Artists in Action #629

Candice Rialson takes aim on the Moonshine County Express.

The Frame Within the Frame #30

(Stanley Donen; 1966)

Artists and Animals #69

Salvador Dali takes his anteater for a stroll.

The Heretofore Unmentioned #130

Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

They Were an Item #116

Dolores and Bob Hope

Gary Moore Dead at 58

Gary Moore
Gary Moore says goodbye.
Obit here.

Tura Satana dead at 72
Women of the Stage #13

Tura Satana
Tura Satana

New York Times article here

Artists in Action #628

The Supremes
The Supremes (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson and Diana Ross) arrive in London ready to shoot some photos.